How simulation helps manufacturing processes
NAFEMS Iberia has joined with the Manufacturing process Simulation Working Group (MANWG) to arrange a seminar dedicated to manufacturing simulation to create more awareness for the benefits of using numerical simulation to drive cost reduction and the concept of zero-prototyping across a range of sectors.

The seminar will take place at the AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center in the Parque Empresarial Boroa, close to one of the large manufacturing areas in Spain. The seminar will present a variety of industrial applications in an attempt to create awareness and further promote the use of simulation thereby improving processes, systems and decision-making while reducing costs.

All sectors are welcome and we would encourage companies to seek and collaborate cross-sector.


09:30 Registration. Coffee in sponsor table area.
10:10 Welcome by NAFEMS-Iberia

10:15 Presentation by NAFEMS

10:20 The Benefits of Using Manufacturing Process Simulation. 

Trevor Dutton (NAFEMS Manufacturing WG)

11:00 Numerical simulation of sheet metal forming processes for the automotive industry. From laboratory characterization to industrial cases. 

Lander Galdos (Mondragon University)

11:20 Computational Techniques to Study Material Damage in High Temperature Metal Forming Processes. 

Ángel Escolán (Itainnova)

11:40 Finite element evaluation of distortions in large welded assemblies. 

M. Armindo Guerrero (ITMA)

12:05 Snack in sponsor table area

12:55 How Simulation and Model Adjustments Helps Metal Casting Processes. 

Eva Anglada (Tecnalia)

13:15 Improvement of Investment Casting Soundness through Insulation Wrapping Scheme Parametric Optimization. 

Xabier Esquisabel (PRECICAST)

13:35 Development Of A Numerical Methodology To Predict Process Induced Distortions On SLM Components And Its Application On Two Real Components. 

Iñaki Setien (Lortek)

13:55 Prediction of residual stresses and distortion caused by additive manufacturing processes in an aeronautical mechanical component. 

Gorka Fernandez (Mizar Additive Manufacturing)

14:20 Snack in sponsor table area

15:10 Water Injection Technology Simulation for Weight Reduction. 

Fernando Burguera (Batz)

15:30 FEniCS CFD simulation in additive manufacturing with a cloud computing infrastructure. 

Johan Jansson (BCAM)

15:50 Analysis of the effect of the clamping parameters in a Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing process through numerical modelling. 

Haritz Vellejo (Tecnalia)

16:15 Questions & Answers

16:30 Close

If you require any further information please contact:

Diane Duffett
Iberian Operations

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